Staying Healthy during Covid -19

This has been a very eye opening time for everyone. Keeping our immunity systems at top performance is of the utmost importance. So how do we start? It doesn’t really matter where you are in your walk to be healthy, you just need to start where you are. Every change you make now will create a healthier you. We all start from a different place. What can we do to get the “healthy ball rolling” you ask. Well, I can tell you what I have done to start. First I started with the easy stuff. Limit the amount of times I have ventured out into public. When I am in public, wear gloves, keep my social distancing, take a quick shower and change my clothes when I come back home. Believe me, that is in itself a reason to limit my time out in public. And, of course, wash my hands often.

Now, lets talk about nutrition. Where to start? Vitamin D, who knew? I thought Vitamin C was the “go to” vitamin for immunity. Although Vitamin C does play a vital role in keeping you healthy it turns out that Vitamin D is essential. According to Dr. Nelson Wallace, CEO of Beneficial International, 5000 IU is the recommended daily dose coupled with Vitamin C containing  astaxanthin, will get you off to a great start!

sun in a capsule