The Guide

The Guide to a Picture Perfect Wedding Day

6 months or more ahead

  • Schedule appointment with Adam & Eve’s Beaute` Centre wedding coordinator to create your custom wedding package.

6 months ahead

  • Schedule Hair Design appointments for yourself and your attendants

                         NOTE TO BRIDE: Don’t forget about your mom and future


  • Schedule monthly facial appointments
  • Consult with Groom about skincare needs

                Start increasing your water intake, your body is 87% water. 6 to 8 glasses of                                                water a day is recommended. Water flushes impurities from your skin and
                helps to fill in fine lines. Well hydrated skin has a natural healthy glow.

3 months ahead

  • Schedule practice run for hairstyle and make-up
  • Schedule hair design appointment for your Groom one week ahead of wedding day.
  • Schedule Hand Detail appointment for your Groom one day ahead of wedding.
  • Schedule Eyebrow appointment for your Groom one day ahead of wedding.

1 week ahead

  • Hair design appointment for Groom

2 days ahead

  • Bridal Spa Party

A Bridal Spa party is the perfect way to thank your Bridal Attendants for being so generous as to help make your day perfect. You and your Attendants will be pampered while sipping Champagne 

1day ahead

  • Groom Hand Detail appointment
  • Groom eyebrow grooming
  • Bride Manicure and Pedicure appointment
  • Last Massage appointment for both Bride and Groom

Wedding Day

Ladies only (sorry gentlemen)

Bride’s Check list

  • All members of party are wearing button up shirts for your convenience
  • Have hair clean and completely dry unless other wise arranged
  • If receiving makeup application, arrive with no makeup applied to face
  • Bring all hair and ensemble accessories, including bridal veil and tiara

Please sit back, relax and be assured that our trained professionals with bring out your own reflection of beaute`.