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Bridal Menu

Bride’s Play Day Package: Starting price $180.00 includes up to 1 ½ hours of hair play, and 1 hour makeup time. Every ½ hour after is $25.00

Princess Spread: OJ and pastries $35.00

Elegant Spread: Champagne, fresh fruit and pasties $65.00

First Class Spread: Moet, fresh fruit and pastries $105.00

Bride’s Royal hand and foot treatment:  Champaign and Rose Pedicure and a Manicure the French way. Will be served a chilled glass of Champaign with service. 1 ½ hours $90.00                                                                                  

Bridal Makeup: Coordinating lip gloss included with service. 45 minutes $85.00

Bridal Makeup Package: Pre-makeup Glow Treatment and Bridal Makeup: 1 ½ hours   $185.00

Bridal Fantasy Hair Design: Include Veil and Terra placement:  1 ½ hours $95.00

                                           **Hair extensions are an extra charge

Maids and Maiden: Classic themed design: 1 hour  $85.00  

       *this service does not include shampoo and blow dry prior to the style. 

Mother’s of the Bride and Groom: Classic Fashion: 1 hour …..starting at $65.00

Grooms Elixirs

Gentleman’s Hand Polish and detail ½ hour $40.00

           Done with a puffer and loofa both take home gifts

Gentleman’s Hot Towel Facial Treatment: Eyebrow enhancement is offered in this deluxe service prior to your skin being buffed and toned after a hot  towel steam any unwanted blemishes will be removed and a warm lotion and a face and neck massage will finish this treatment. 1 hour $90.00

Gentleman’s Hair Design: Groom will be pampered with our Tea Tree Experience, which will include conditioning hair and scalp for cut and style finished off with a hot towel face steam and eyebrow enhancement offered.  45 minutes $45.00

A Note from Cathy

“My promise is to have you looking and feeling like perfection on your wedding day. I understand the importance of confidence and beauty on your special day and will vow to you to accommodate your needs and requests to my fullest ability. Again, I would like to take this time to congratulate you and thank your for trusting me with these very important details of your special day”.                              Cathy Monteverde

*All service prices are for In-salon services and are guaranteed for 2021 Bridal Parties.

**On location prices will include $100.00 travel fee per technician and 20% gratuity. Travel fee is to be paid at time of booking and is non refundable.

Additions to the Bridal Menu

Contour Package:

 Take your body back in 8 weeks. This package addresses cellulite and stretch marks while melting inches away. You will receive 8 weeks of supplements and a home maintenance kit, while also receiving 6 professional Firm and Tone Treatments. You will not only look your best but also feel your best.

                                                           8 week program                               $725.00

Microdermabrasion Session:

Microdermabrasion is a precise exfoliation of the surface of your skin that polishes away years of build up and reveals a more beautiful you. This targeted exfoliation  gently resurfaces the skin promoting the formulation of a smoother, clearer complexion.

                                                           1 session   45 minutes                      $150.00

                                                           Package of six (6 week program)    $850.00

Eyebrow Therapy Session:

Your eyebrows will be contoured to suit your unique eye shape and facial structure. Your sessions will be in two week intervals

                                                           8 week program                              $105.00          

Spray Tan:

Healthy tan alternative: this special airbrushing approach to tanning leaves you with a glorious healthy tanned looking tan to your entire body. You’ll look like you are returning from your honeymoon before you even left.   

                                                                                            30 minutes:    $40.00

Salt Glow:

Enhance the youthful, healthy glow of your skin. Our special blend of pure essential oils mixed with Dead Sea Salts create anessential deep pore cleansing for your entire body, removingrough dry skin & leaving skin smooth & refreshed.

                                                    45 minutes:   $65.00