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Valentine’s Specials


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Get Cupid’s Cupcake Hand & Foot Treatment added ($25.00 Value)

60 Minutes/$105.00

EXPERIENCE: That in love glow? Let’s reveal it! We begin
with a vitamin C-infused cleanse to rid complexion of excess
oils and bacteria, followed by a juicy, skin-quenching tonic!
Next, thousands of natural plant-based fiber particles gently
whisk away any rough, dry patches to reveal buttery-soft skin.
A chamomile mask is painted on, blended with organic
cucumber extract to brighten, tighten and soothe, followed by a
vitamin C booster! Then a silky antioxidant serum adds
waves of hydration. Last but certainly not least, complexion
is enveloped with an age-defending facial mousse and eye
transforming serum to seal in your newly revealed glow! You’re
now ready for your date with destiny.

60 minutes/$95.00

EXPERIENCE: A creamy coconut milk cleanser rids complexion
of excess oils, bacteria and makeup. Next, a pristine rose water
tonic helps alleviate the appearance of pores, like magic! Next,
we illuminate with a vitamin C + chamomile mask, breathe in
the juicy, citrus notes as the mask is gently painted on. Once
rinsed, we add a beautiful rosy-pink serum that replenishes
complexion with vitamins C, E & 4 forms of hyaluronic acid.
A whipped, billowy mousse then fights the appearance of fine
lines with slow-release pure form retinol! We end by beautifying
your under & outer-eyes with an organic gotu kola serum.
Gorgeous much? Yes! You.

60 minutes/$85.00

EXPERIENCE: Put your most radiant face forward for the
one you love — this renewing facial treatment is here to help!
We begin with a gentle pre-cleanse to remove any makeup,
while also prepping complexion for a green tea extract milk
cleanser. After a shea sugar citrus exfoliation, skin is painted
with a nourishing organic, probiotic coconut milk mask to
balance, hydrate and soften complexion. Next, we apply a
rose water and Aronia berry extract tonic to pores — rich with
antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that soothe skin
to flawlessness. Our favorite part? It may just be the organic
fig and cocoa vitamin serum that is painted on after your facial
polish. This recovery serum replenishes complexion with all the
fixins — like vitamins A, E and K from organic figs — bountiful
with antioxidants to visibly improve the smoothing and firming
of skin. But that’s not all! This serum also helps hydrate and
improve skin’s elasticity with dreamy, creamy Texas wildflower
honey. The final touch is our eye-firming serum to banish the
look of fine lines, before your date with destiny of course.

50 minutes/$90.00
Foot & Hand Treatment 30 Minutes/$25.00

EXPERIENCE: Relax and soak in a rich effervescent bath
of olive oil, vitamin E, and a decadent scent of fresh baked
whoopie pie desserts. Next, you’ll be softened and smoothed
with an invigorating sweet cream sea salt and rice bran oil
exfoliation. Once you’re buffed to perfection, enter massage
heaven with a whipped, Whoopie! ® Shea butter, laden with soft
notes of white velvet buttercream.


15 minutes/$15.00